Information for prospective tenants

These terms and conditions apply to your application to rent a property through Pewleys


A holding fee is normally payable upon your request to rent a property. This agreement reserves the property for you to occupy on the agreed date, subject to contract and the landlord receiving satisfactory references, and subject to the landlord obtaining vacant possession from the outgoing tenant (if applicable). If either satisfactory references are not received or you simply change your mind and seek to cancel the agreement, a portion of the holding fee will be retained to cover our reasonable administration costs, and to compensate the landlord for any lost rent.


The letting contract or agreement must be signed by all tenants and, until this has taken place, no contractual agreement, offer or obligation is deemed to exist. If tenants are unable to attend on the occupation date, a letter must be obtained from that person giving another tenant power of attorney to sign documentation on their behalf.


All tenants will be expected to provide references which are satisfactory to the landlord before any tenancy agreement can be created. A referencing fee, to cover reasonable administrative costs, will be charged – see Fee Schedule below.


A guarantor will be required for an individual tenant who is unable to provide a satisfactory reference. The guarantor is usually a member of the individual’s family who is of sufficient means to provide a suitable reference. This person will be required to sign a legally binding document, which would make him/her liable for the rent for the term of occupancy if the tenant defaults on their obligations. A fee per tenant will be charged to cover processing costs in this case – see Fee Schedule below


The Agent or Landlord is required by law to carry out immigration checks on any occupiers at the Property. In these circumstances all occupiers who are authorised to live at the Property, whether or not they are named on the tenancy agreement, will be required to provide the Landlord with ID, Proof of residency and if non EU then documentation to support their right to reside in the UK prior to the tenancy being granted. Where an occupier has a limited right to live in the UK the Landlord or Agent is required by law to carry out a follow up check on the occupier. Where the occupier cannot produce evidence that they have a right to remain in the UK the Landlord or Agent must make a report to the Home Office. Where the Landlord or Agent has received notice from the Home Office stating that one or more of the occupier(s) do not have a right to rent the Property the Landlord or Agent may end the tenancy in accordance with the provisions of the Immigration Act 2014 (as amended).


We have sent you a ‘property file’ link once your offer has been accepted which will provide access to all documents throughout the tenancy and updates on the progress of your tenancy. If your property is managed by Pewleys then you can raise maintenance issues via this ap also.


It is the tenant’s responsibility to arrange services (normally telephone, gas, electricity and water). You are advised to apply for connection to the respective suppliers at least THREE working days before moving in. Applications for electricity and gas supply need to be made directly to the preferred supplier. You are required to inform the landlord or agent of the respective suppliers as soon as possible. You should also contact British Telecom (or any other telecoms operator if applicable) for connection of your telephone service. Pewleys cannot accept responsibility for any costs incurred with connection of supplies.

You should check carefully the condition of the property and its contents when you move in with respect to the inventory. The inventory is an important record which is used to assess any damage or dilapidations during the tenancy – which may lead to deductions from the deposit being made at the end of the tenancy. If you find anything that is not in good order, then we ask you to report it to us within the first week of moving-in so that the problem can be put right or marked on the inventory. The property is let as seen at the time of viewing; and requests for extra furniture, appliances or redecoration will not normally be considered after the tenancy has been entered. The property should be in clean condition, free from dust and damage, windows clean etc.


In processing your tenancy application, we shall be required to process and store personal information on your behalf, and liaise with credit referencing agencies and your landlord. We shall make every effort to keep such information safe and secure. Once you have moved into the property, it may occasionally be necessary to share contact information with trusted contractors (for example to arrange access for maintenance work), utility companies and other related parties. We do not divulge or pass on your details to any third party organisations for marketing purposes.

Where there are rent arrears or other charges remaining at the end of the tenancy, we reserve the right to pass on your details to a tracing agent or debt collection company to help recover the money owed. Leaving unpaid rent and other bills at the end of your tenancy may affect your credit rating, and your ability to obtain a new tenancy, or other credit facilities.


On the date of occupation the balance (one month’s rent and remainder deposit) is to be paid either by Bankers Draft or Building Society cheque. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT PERSONAL CHEQUES OR CASH except by prior arrangement.

When the landlord has instructed Pewleys as agent to collect the rent each month, we will appoint a lead tenant and a standing order facility will be set up for the total amount of rental on that property. Pewleys regret that we do not normally accept personal cheques or cash in payment for rent. Delayed rent payment causes us considerable extra administration and further delays in our payments to the landlord. A reasonable administrative charge will be made if rent is not received by the due date – see Fee Schedule below


A tenancy deposit is held either by Pewleys or the Landlord against dilapidations to the property or its contents, loss of rent or other unexpected costs. Details of the scheme and the dispute

esolution provisions will be issued within 30 days of receipt of the deposit. The tenancy deposit is usually equivalent to 6 weeks rent and is returnable at the expiration of the tenancy, subject to a final inspection and full inventory check. If any necessary cleaning, repairs or replacements are required following the tenancy, then the deposit would be refunded, less any remedial costs, as soon as reasonably practicable.


As tenant(s), you will be responsible for the safe-keeping of the property and its contents and unless otherwise advised, you will be responsible for insuring the contents of the property and the safekeeping of your own valuables and effects.


You may find that smoke detectors and similar safety devices have been fitted in your property. Where this is the case, please ensure that you check all such devices on moving into the property and familiarise yourself with their operation (most smoke detectors have a test button to check batteries and the unit are operating correctly) and report any problems to your agent. Thereafter, you should check the devices at regular intervals and you will be responsible for replacement of any batteries that they may require.


Where the property is alarmed using a security code, the tenant must not change the alarm code without obtaining prior written consent from the landlord or Pewleys. Pewleys need to hold alarm and similar security information for emergency, maintenance and inspection purposes; if any alteration is made to the code, you are requested to inform Pewleys as soon as possible.


The tenant is responsible for the repair and maintenance of any television aerials, satellite dishes or similar installations for use with any television at the property. You are also reminded that a television licence is required in order to use a television at the property and the tenant would be responsible for this cost.


(all fees listed are inclusive of VAT)

Administration fee £250 per tenancy
Reference fee £60 per person
Guarantor fee £60 per guarantor
Late rental payment £20 per month
Missed inspections £20 per inspection
Renewal administration fee £125 (payable at the point of renewal)
Change of tenant mid tenancy £400
Add an additional tenant £400

Please note there are additional fees due on exit relating to inventory check out costs, professional cleaning and costs for Pewleys to complete an outgoing reference

Please Click here to download the Government “How to Rent Guide”